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Power Flushing Services

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You need someone to work on your boiler or central heating then look no further than HEATFLOW Plumbing

Our fully qualified combi boiler and gas boiler engineers service most of the London area and can help with combi and gas boiler installations and boiler repairs or replacements. They can also install solar panel heating, domestic gas and electric or gas kitchen appliances.

Does your gas boiler need servicing?
Does your combi boiler needs replacing?
Do you require landlord’s gas safety certificates?

Our specialist engineers in London can also help with boiler servicing. It is recommended that gas or combi boilers get serviced once a year in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and to keep your hot water and central heating working efficiently. Boiler servicing consists of checking all boiler components, cleaning elements where necessary, ensuring there are no gas leaks, and you will also receive a report from your gas and central heating engineer.

Why do heating systems need protecting

As soon as a heating system is completed and filled with water, deterioration of the system begins. The combination of water, air, a mixture of metals, and even installation of debris and contaminants can result in internal corrosion, sludge formation in low flow areas , and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers.

Central Heating Problems

Is the system slow to warm up?

Are some radiators completely or partially cold?

Do radiators need frequent bleeding?

Is radiator water dirty and discoloured?

Do radiators have pinhole perforations or leakage?

Are there ‘kettling’ noises coming from the boiler?

Do you have repeated pump failures?


Any of these symptoms could indicate that your system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the subsequent formation of rust, sludge, and scale deposits.

Our HEATFLOW power flushing service can restore circulation and efficiency to the heating system by removing these undesirable products. It purges them from the system and replaces aggressive water with clean water, chemically treated with system safe – DM corrosion inhibitor to prevent further problems.

Emergency Gas and Central Heating Repairs

At HEATFLOW, we understand that problems with your gas boiler or central heating can be extremely inconvenient – especially in winter months. If you have no hot water or central heating, or you suspect your combi boiler or gas boiler may be leaking and you live in London, don’t delay – call HEATFLOW now and we’ll get a specialist gas engineer out to you immediately proceed to repair your boiler or central heating.

Our London central heating engineers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won’t be left without heating for long.
Gas Boiler & Combi Boiler Installation

HEATFLOW’s London gas engineers are fully qualified to carry out your combi boiler or gas boiler installation and repair services. We only employ experienced professionals who are fully Gas Safe Register registered. That means we can offer a complete range of central heating and gas services, including support on every type of commercial and domestic gas appliance, site installations, and providing quotes for residential refits in London.

If you would like to discuss any of our gas boiler, combi boiler or central heating services in London.

Call us now on 02082792838 or 07588866228 to arrange a visit and a free quote.
We do not charge for call-outs and all our London central heating engineers work according to a half-hourly charging system, so you can rest assured that you will not need to pay over the odds for work done on your boiler.

Power Flushing of your system helps:

Cure flow Circulation problems
Restore system efficiency
Restore heat output to radiators
Clean the whole system including underfloor pipe work
Remove aggressive water, treatment prevents further corrosion
Cures & prevents boiler noise
Most of all power flushing your system will save you money in the long run

The HEATFLOW power flushing and de-scaling system can be completed in less than six hours . It is more effective than other traditional flushing methods.

Why Choose Us

24/7 availality

Dedicated team

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Emergency Leaks & Pipe Bursts

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing

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For all emergency call outs, there is a charge - starting from £59 to £89 depending upon time and location.